About Us

We are SAP Consultants and Business Transformation Experts

Audax Technologies Inc. is a professional service firm, specializes in SAP solution integration and business process optimization. Our experienced team acts as a natural extension of our clients’ operations team dedicated to helping them get the most out of their SAP applications. Out knowledgeable resources and collaborative business approach makes us a long-term partner for all our clients. As trusted advisors, we help our clients implement and use SAP solutions that work quietly and brilliantly in the background, freeing them up to focus on their core expertise.

Our Philosophy

Design and Quality Matter
  • Good design is key to any human endeavor: implementing a business software solution is no different. While it might seem intuitive that modeling on a standard packaged application, like SAP, would be easy, in reality, it’s not.
  • Audax Technologies Inc.’s ability to deliver high quality solutions designed with integration in mind, coupled with specialized expert knowledge and flawless service delivery are true value propositions that we adhere to for our clients.
Your Business Process first, SAP second
  • We believe business processes are key differentiators within any industry and can drive significant competitive advantage for companies.
  • The winning combination we outline and champion is blending your Business Processes with our SAP knowledge and industry experience on how to model, automate and optimize on the SAP platform extract true business value from using the software.
We strive for excellence while being truthful
  • For expertise areas that we master, our advice and execution will always be precise, informed, refined, thoroughly documented and clear for our clients to understand.
  • We are proud of our expert knowledge and at same time not afraid to tell our clients: “I don’t know”; this might sound odd for a knowledge company, but that’s our way to be truthful and humble in understanding our limits in front of our clients.
Attitude towards Success of our Clients
  • We have a passion for excellence and are dedicated to satisfying our clients’ requirements and anticipating their future needs and expectations. We strive to provide our clients with the highest quality of services, conforming to industry best practices and continuous process improvement.
  • We want our clients to succeed, so we go in every engagement with high energy and strong principles: we are results oriented, pragmatic and committed to deliver business value for our clients.

Our Difference

100% In-House Development
  • Staff members with development focus (iOS, Fiori, ABAP)
  • No outsourcing for custom development projects
  • Team led by a SAP Mentor
Project Management Expertise
  • Multiple resources trained on Project Management Methodologies
  • Can assume PM roles from both customer and vendor perspectives
  • Well versed in Rapid Deployment Solutions